Balcony Gate (阳台门) or Roof Gate (天台门) Girl sex at roof top with video link

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taiwan girl sex at roof top and let her boyfriend record the video. Balcony Gate (阳台门), also known as Roof Gate (天台门), is another sexually explicit video scandal that has recently surfaced and spread across the Chinese Internet. It is said that this video was taken on the roof top of a school building, so it is called “Roof Gate” by netzines.

This video features a boy and a girl having sex on the school building’s roof. Both of them are post-90s and senior high school students. The video is 1 minute and 6 seconds long, and is shaking a lot. The girl appears very beautiful, and we can also hear the voice of the boy, saying that he is going to upload this video on the web.

日前,网络上又曝出阳台门,又称天台门:90后的一对高中学生在学校顶楼的天台上,使用手机拍摄了一段大胆的性爱视频,所以网友称为“天台门”或 “阳台门”。据悉,“阳台门”或“天台门”的女主角叫陈怡,长相甜美可爱。

天台门”或 “阳台门”视频艳照中,女主角略显紧张,从感受上来讲,并不怎么享受,所以说,这可能是事先就预谋好的,所以才会紧张。但女主角水嫩,娇滴还是引起了大家的注意。

The video can be found on this link

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